Sunday, April 17, 2016

Virtual Machines and CPU emulation - update.

Since the last update the development of my MOS 6502 emulator slowed down a bit, but there were some major changes which I completed today. Therefore it is due for an update and I think it may be the last one for the DOS console based emulator.

The most important changes worth mentioning are:

- Cycle-accurate emulation.
- Support for Intel HEX format.
- Ability to save binary snapshot of the memory image with header capturing current state of the CPU and VM configuration.

Other less important changes include:

- Refactoring: huge switch/case in ExecOpcode method was replaced with array of pointers to methods. Each op-code now has its own method in the MKCpu class.
- Changes to the command line arguments.

Source code is available to download from github as usual.

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