Sunday, March 13, 2016

Virtual Machines and CPU emulation - update.

In my last update I have been ecstatic about my MOS 6502 emulator running Tiny Basic. Nice achievement, but later more rigorous testing shown my emulation still had issues. I ran few available on the internet test suites and they all passed, but still I was unable to run Enhanced Basic in my emulator.
After I established that it was not a problem with the copy of EhBasic code in my possession itself, I turned to my code to look for errors. I found and corrected few obvious issues, but still no luck.
Finally I turned back to the internet search to find a better test suite.
I found a very good one - 6502 Functional Test by Klaus Dormann. 
After I ran that program, I found all issues with 6502 op-codes emulation, some of them were tricky and I am sure I would have problem finding them on my own. Therefore 6502 Functional Test by Klaus Dormann deserves huge credit in making my project going again.

I published version 2.0 on github. There are major changes, many new features and bug fixes. I believe this is a complete or nearly complete DOS/shell version, I run out of ideas what else I can add to a version that runs in text console. To move this project forward I have to move out of the shell window into the GUI world. However I have few ideas for improvements which I will outline below.

To summarize all the changes since originally published version 1.0:

  • Bug fixes in 6502 op-codes emulation.
  • Improved UI.
  • Improved character I/O emulation.
  • ROM emulation.
  • History of executed op-codes.
  • Dis-assembler. 
  • Registers animation mode.
  • Signals handling.
  • Loading binary files.
  • Conversion tool bin2hex (6502 binary to plain text memory image definition format conversion tool).
  • Expanded memory image definition file format (new keywords: IOADDR, ROMBEGIN, ROMEND, ENIO, ENROM, EXEC).
  • Linux port.
  • EhBasic.
  • Microchess.

I have following plans for the next build:

  • Reset option in debug console, which will initiate CPU reset sequence.
  • API methods in MKCpu class for triggering IRQ, NMI and RESET for future expansion.
  • Interface API to easier connect emulated peripherals.
  • Ability to load HEX format files.

With nice working step-by-step debugger, ability to interrupt code at any time, history of executed op-codes, disassembler, memory dump and modification facilities I think this has become nice and useful MOS 6502 code development and debugging tool. Program has a built-in detailed usage help. Recommended DOS console/shell terminal size is 25 or more (more highly recommended) rows by 80 columns. It is possible to work with smaller console, but the menu and registry information sections will not be nicely aligned or may be in total disarray and unreadable. Emulated text console display device will work fine with width less than 80 as well as wider than 80 characters, something that previous version couldn't do.
Instructions how to build the code are included in projects ReadMe file as well as information about main software features.

Below I present screenshots of working application.

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